Residential Services: Installation, Surveillance & Medical Alerts

Packages designed for any situation and budget.

CSD Security Systems provides high-quality products and services while delivering a customer care program that ensures customer satisfaction. We consult with you, ensuring your individual needs are met while meeting the requirements of a comprehensive security solution.

If you have misplaced the owner's manual for an alarm system we installed, please refer to our Resources page.

Based in Fall River, we are close by and always available. We're also happy to educate our customers about products, installation and maintenance.

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Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Professional Installations

  • New state-of-the-art alarm systems (Honeywell, DSC, InterLogix, 2GIG)
  • Customized installation based on your home layout and needs.
  • Live Connect via mobile devices.
  • No landline? No problem! We have internet and cellular communicators for any system.
Already have an alarm system?

Upgrading Existing Systems

  • We can take over your current system for FREE.
  • Monitoring at just $18.00 per month.
  • Gain modern features, like smartphone control, without changing any part of your older system!
Take control!

Home Automation

  • Have control of security, climate, lights, door locks and more, all through your smart device, anywhere, anytime!
  • Get live surveillance footage of your property from any connected device, anywhere, anytime.
  • Customized installation based on your home layout and needs.

Monitoring and Surveillance

24/7 Live Monitoring

  • Monitor your home for all events, such as fire, theft, asset, flood, and high/low temperature.
  • Already have an alarm system? We can take it over with monitoring starting at just $18.00 per month.
  • Internet and cellular monitoring available.
  • No landline? No problem! We have internet and cellular communicators for any system.

Video Surveillance & Verification

  • Record video to protect your property and view remotely.
  • When the alarm is triggered, the monitoring station receives video clips which allows them to verify if the alarm is valid. This dramatically reduces false alarms and costs for police dispatch.
  • Video verification of intruders leads to a priority response police dispatch. Rapid dispatch, with immediate visual identification of the intruders, leads to more apprehensions and arrests.

Medical Alert

Personal emergencies can happen at any time in your home or on your property.

  • 2-way voice communicator to a call centre for immediate help
  • Emergency dispatch
  • Notification in the event of an emergency
  • Wireless technology with a back-up system
  • Pendant and belt clips for easy accessibility

For peace of mind, a Personal Emergency Reporting System can save you or a loved one.

With the press of a button, you will be connected to an operator for immediate assistance with your emergency. You can choose who is notified – and when – during the emergency. The two-way voice communicator, hanging from a pendant or belt clip, ensures help is always in reach.

CSD Security Systems took my system over from a competitor, saving me monthly. Later on, when I wanted to upgrade to home automation, they came to my home and went over all my options until we found the best solution to fit my needs. Hands-down the best, would highly recommend them to everyone.
- Krista Snow, Fall River

You may be eligible for insurance discounts.

Most insurance providers offer discounts with proof of monitoring of burglary and fire, helping to offset monthly costs. We can provide an official alarm certificate for your insurance company.

Safety and security go hand in hand.

Feel at ease, knowing your kids are safe at home while you are away. Alarm systems can be armed in "stay" mode, allowing use of the house while protecting the doors and windows. Get alarm and video notifications to give you peace of mind.

Help your parents keep their independence.

We install and monitor Life Sentry personal emergency response systems with two-way voice to the pendant, allowing for unrestricted mobility throughout the property. One push of the button and help is on the line.