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    New Installations

    We provide 3 types of monitoring:

    • Basic phone line
    • WIFI
    • Cellular network

    During an outage, the system relies on a battery back-up in the panel, which will provide an additional 4 hours of power. Once this battery is depleted, the system turns off.

    There is a mode called "stay" that allows the perimeter to be armed (doors, windows and whatever other devices you choose), allowing a person to be in the building or a section of the building which is not armed.

    The payment options we provide are monthly, semi-annual or annual payments, for a maximum term of 3 years. After the contract is complete the customer is free to go month to month.

    Upgrading Existing Systems

    Call your current monitoring company and let them know you would like to cancel. However, this may require notice according to your agreement. In order to ensure you remain protected, we can book you in a couple of days before the date of cancellation.

    If you are simply switching to CSD with no extra equipment or devices added to your existing system, there is no charge for a tech to come to your home or business.

    If the system is being upgraded, the only charge will be the cost of the new equipment which can be paid over a maximum of 3 years.

    Most older equipment is compatible with newer equipment but we recommend having one of our technicians do a site visit first to avoid surprises.


    You need to install Total Connect, available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The App is very user-friendly. Our trained technicians will show you how to use it after your installation is complete.

    All the data in the App is transmitted from your panel to the total connect servers and then to your phone so there is no need to add devices from your phone. Total Connect has no access to user information.

    If you cannot access the system through a phone, it can be used manually, as if you did not have the App.

    Each automated door lock comes with a set of conventional keys to be used in case the batteries die. We recommend you have these keys on you always, so you do not get locked out of your house.

    Monitoring your System

    By law, all fire monitoring systems must have a minimum of a 4-hour battery backup. If there is a power outage, the system will still work as long as the battery is charged.

    Part of your contract for alarm monitoring includes keeping you informed when your internal system is not functioning properly. If this were to happen, you will be notified by the monitoring station or CSD Security Systems.

    For peace of mind, knowing:

    • Your property and assets are protected.
    • Emergency response is immediately dispatched upon receipt of the alarm signal.
    • There's a reduced likelihood of personal injuries, property damage and losses.
    • Your insurance premiums may go down.

    Fire System Monitoring

    Typical fire monitoring devices are smoke and heat detectors.

    No. CSD uses professional fire panel installation companies. We provide monitoring for your fire system.

    No. The monitoring station will contact the premise to verify it is not a false alarm and then dispatch fire services if required. Call list instructions are made by the owner of the system.

    By law, all fire monitoring systems must have a minimum of 4 hours on battery backup. If there is a power outage, the system will still work as long as the battery has a charge in it.

    Video Surveillance

    For new installations, we recommend a camera resolution of 1920x1080p high definition (HD) cameras. If you wish to keep the number of cameras to a minimum, wide-angle lenses are best because they provide maximum coverage.

    Most of the cameras we install offer Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), providing a clear picture even if there are multiple light sources and levels in the image. A camera without Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) would not be able to see through a set of windows due to the different lighting levels from indoors and outdoors. If the camera did have WDR, you would be able to see through the windows very clearly.

    All of the cameras we install support both colour and monochrome pictures.

    Yes. To save storage space, all cameras we install record footage only when there is motion.

    The device's storage capacity determines the amount of time the footage is stored for. We typically allow for 7 days before the system starts to erase the old footage.

    Many of the cameras we install can see up to 20 meters, support night vision or infrared viewing for night time, and cover 111 degrees. In comparison, the viewing angle of the iPhone camera is 63 degrees. We also have 360 cameras, covering everything.

    Medical Alert

    Yes, based on a call list provided by you. It can be updated at any time with just a phone call.

    As soon as the station receives the signal they will follow the instructions/call list on your account.

    Yes, if the account holder is not responsive and no one on the call list can be reached.

    Medical alert systems are built with a landline in mind. They connect directly to the phone jack and make a phone call on your behalf if the emergency button is pressed. If you don’t have a landline to connect to your base station, many companies now offer cellular-enabled base stations.

    Commercial Access Control

    The maximum varies, according to the system. The minimum is usually 1000. Different access levels do exist in these systems, allowing people with high-level access programmed into their fobs to access restricted areas in the building.

    It is very easy to add and remove programmed fobs from the system. We will do it for you if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself.

    Yes. In case the employee's access card/fob is not returned, it can easily be deactivated through the software.